Witch child by celia rees

After Mary's grandmother is executed as a witch, Mary flees her native England for a newfound colony in America, developing strong friendships and beginning to learn the power within herself as she finds her place in the New World. However, when the witch hunts begin in her new home, Mary fears her true nature will be discovered. After Mary's grandmother is hanged as a witch, Mary is spirited away by a noblewoman, her long-lost mother, who sends her to America to escape persecution.

Witch child by celia rees

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The woman gives her tools to keep the record of her days - paper and ink. Mary is taken to a boat in Plymouth and from there sails to the New World where she hopes to make a new life among the pilgrims.

Witch child by celia rees

But old superstitions die hard and soon Mary finds that she, like her grandmother, is the victim of ignorance and stupidity, and once more she faces important choices to ensure her survival.

With a vividly evoked environment and characters skilfully and patiently drawn, this is a powerful literary achievement by Celia Rees that is utterly engrossing from start to finish. Read more About the author Celia Rees is one of Britain's foremost writers for teenagers and her titles for Bloomsbury have enjoyed huge success.

Witch Child has been adopted by educational boards up and down the country and is required reading in secondary schools in the UK, with life sales of over , and has been translated into 25 languages.

Celia has a degree in history, a strong interest in which is evident in her brilliantly researched books.

About Witch Child

Celia Rees lives in Leamington Spa, with her husband.Witch Child, by Celia Rees explores a very contradictory issue that existed in America for a vast amount of time. The Salem Witch trials are studied in classes to this day, and the events that took place still haunt many people/5.

Witch Child audiobook, by Celia Rees It is and Mary Newbury, theyoung granddaughter of a witch, sees her wise and beloved grandmother tortured and hanged as a servant of the Devil. Then a stranger with hauntingly familiar eyes approaches her with an .

Jul 17,  · Author Celia Rees’s prose is often thick with descriptions YET utterly lacking in tension.

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For a book that takes place during the early years of witch hunt hysteria (hello, Salem) “Witch Child” is a mostly lifeless book. Witch Child is a novel published in and authored by Celia Rees, which is more of a horror story.

There is a lot of torturing and pain along the story. If you are a fan and have read it, take the quiz below. Find great deals on eBay for witch child by celia rees.

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Shop with confidence. Published in , Witch Child is an epistolary children’s novel written by English author Celia Rees. Set in seventeenth-century Old England and New England, the story follows fourteen-year-old Mary Newbury, a young witch-girl forced to make a daring escape to the New World after her grandmother is hanged to death for being a witch.

Witch Child (Witch Child, #1) by Celia Rees