Probability cheatsheet 140718

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Probability cheatsheet 140718

Suppose each time, he has probability p of solving the cube, independently. Find the mean and variance of T. If it has a named distribution, check out the table of distributions.

Calculating E X 2. Do you already know E X or Var X? The Markov chain is irreducible because it can get from anywhere to anywhere else. The Markov chain is aperiodic because the robber can return back to a square in 2, 3, 4, 5. Since this is a random walk on an undirected graph, the stationary distribution is proportional to the degree sequence.

The degree for the corner pieces is 3, the degree for the edge pieces is 4, and the degree for the center pieces is 6.

Probability cheatsheet 140718

To normalize this degree sequence, we divide by its sum. Since this chain is irreducible and aperiodic, to get the expected time to return we can just invert the stationary probability.

Thus on average it will take 14 turns for the robber to return to the center tile. Start by defining relevant events and random variables. Think about what type of object your answer should be a number? Try simple and extreme cases. To make an abstract experiment more concrete, try drawing a picture or making up numbers that could have happened.

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Calculating probability of an event. Use counting principles if the naive definition of probability applies.

Probability cheatsheet 140718

Is the probability of the complement easier to find? Finding the distribution of a random variable. First make sure you need the full distribution not just the mean see next item. Check the support of the random variable: Is there a story for one of the named distributions that fits the problem at hand?Probability 1.) AE-2 List the enduring understandings for a content-area unit to be implemented over a three- to five- week time period.

Explain how the enduring understandings serve to contextualize (add context or way of thinking to) the content-area standards. This is an page probability cheatsheet compiled from Harvard's Introduction to Probability course, taught by Joe Blitzstein.

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