Price leadership strategy for malaysia airlines

From a budding entity content with cautious expansion to an ambitious, even audacious, beast that announces a new station once a month, the airline has come a long way. But one thing has remained constant —chasing competition. This strategy came to the fore last week.

Price leadership strategy for malaysia airlines

The world of aviation is notoriously competitive, and with pressure growing from upstart budget carriers as well as fast-growing full-service airlines such as Qatar Airways and Emirates, premium carriers like SIA are seeing margins squeezed.

One example from SIA involves a member of cabin staff who gave her own hot-water bottle and flight support stockings to help a wheelchair-bound passenger in her 80s who was suffering from arthritis in her legs.

Such displays of soft skills are made possible by a combination of hiring the right people, giving the right training and providing the right support.

Because of the inherent characteristics of the service industry, for firms like Singapore Airlines, customer-facing staff are critical business assets. SIA understands both points and as a result, has become a model for service excellence, both within aviation and in other industries.

Its famed and highly-awarded inflight service is a result of a human resource strategy that aims to build competitive advantage over its industry peers.

Therefore hiring at the airline involves a rigorous and strict selection process. There are group and one-on-one interviews and an English language competency test. SIA looks for recruits who can empathise with passengers and are cheerful, friendly and humble. Each year the airline receives around 10, applications to join its cabin crew, of whom only around are eventually hired.

A common challenge facing service organisations is a shortage of labour. As a result of this and the competitive nature of the service industry there is a temptation to hasten the hiring process. That however would be a false economy. Think of it this way: Hiring should be a carefully considered process.

Taking on the wrong people will quickly turn into a liability for the organisation. Training service champions Once accepted into SIA, the newly recruited cabin crew take part in an intensive week training course — the longest and most comprehensive in the airline industry.

This training focuses on enabling cabin crew to provide gracious service with confidence and warmth. The course modules cover not only safety and functional areas, but also appreciation of gourmet food and wine, and the art of conversation.

An internal SIA initiative, known as Transforming Customer Service TCSaims to build team spirit among staff in key operational areas such cabin crew, engineering, ground services, flight operations and sales support.


This serves to remind staff of their importance in the overall business and that everyone has a role in customer service. With suitable people in place, investment in training can create outstanding service champions. Successful service organisations tend to show a commitment in words, dollars and action towards training.

Creating esprit de corps With the many services that need to be attended to on board an aircraft, the nature of the working environment requires people to work effectively as a team to deliver service excellence.

The ward leaders issue newsletters, organise face-to-face sessions and activities with their ward members. These activities, designed to promote team spirit, include inter-ward games, overseas bonding sessions and regularly scheduled full-day engagement sessions on the ground.

In addition, SIA organises activities that reach out to the wider crew population. The management staff have frequent interactions with crew members at the Control Centre where crew report for work over food and drinks.

Recognising the value of balancing work and play, SIA supports its cabin crew members who set up interest groups. Currently, there are 30 diverse groups whose activities cover arts, sports, music, dance and community service. These interest groups provide an avenue for crew members to come together to pursue their passions outside of work.

This helps crew members to further develop a team spirit. Empowerment for quality service The earlier story of the arthritis-stricken passenger is a clear example of employees being empowered to engage in discretionary efforts. However, empowerment is a challenge that many service organisations have difficulty implementing in practice.Marketing Mix of Malaysia Airlines analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Malaysia Airlines marketing mix explains the business & marketing strategies of the brand. It also consists of Service Mix (Process, People, Physical Evidence). Topic Sentences: In order to be competitive in the industry, Airasia has practised cost leadership strategies whilst Malaysia Airlines(MAS) involved in business transformation plan.

Supporting detail 1: Airasia tend to focus on short route to a certain destination in order2 to reduce operating cost.

Price leadership strategy for malaysia airlines

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Malaysia Airlines is a CAPA Member. Singapore Airlines Limited provides air transportation, engineering, pilot training, air charter, and tour wholesaling services.

Price leadership strategy for malaysia airlines

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