My last day at scool

This is a TRUE story and this is my first time…. We were both at school during the day and working part time.

My last day at scool

My last day at school Saturday, the 20th Feb, was my last day at School. On that day we were given preparatory holidays for the Secondary school Examination.

The students of class IX arranged a farewell party in honor of the outgoing students of class X. The school compound was covered with a beautiful shamiana.

It was tastefully decorated with buntings and balloons. A stage was set up for speeches and cultural programmed.

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Under the shamiana, tables and seats were arranged for the students and teachers. The school loudspeaker was filling the atmosphere with the tunes of moving, patriotic film songs.

Students of class X, who were dressed in their best, assembled first of all, in the school garden.


Then we walked up to the school compound, the venue of the Farewell Party. As we entered the compo, the students of class IX welcomed us with cheers.

They garlanded us all. We, in turn, garlanded our Principal who always treated us like his own children and the teachers who spared no pains in preparing us for the final examination We took our seats and the programmed started.

Our Principal, shri R. Goel presided over the function.

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First of all, the representative of class IX read out the farewell address. I replied to this address on behalf of the students of class X. I thanked the students of class IX for arranging a grand party.

I advised them to try to keep the good traditions of the school in the fields of games, cultural activities and studies. I then, expressed my sense of gratitude to our Principal and teachers who were always kind and nice to us. All eyes were wet with tears.

Our English teacher, Sh. Saxena, advised us to who is a great scholar and fine speaker, conveyed to us his best wishes and advised us to reach the examination hall well in time. He also told us the method of answering questions in different subjects.

Teachers went round to supervise the arrangement and service done by the student so class IX. This brought the function to an end. I bade farewell to my school and went home. I shall always remember my last day at school. Birth day give us happiness while last day gives us a feeling of sorrow.

We have to leave that place. It is a custom in our school that 11th class students bid — farewell to the 12th class. They make the parting day attractive. They arrange a parting feast. This year, 20th February, was my last day at school. The school bell rang as usual. The 11th class boys were sad.

After the first period the teachers and the students of both classes met in the school hall. The principal and the teachers sat in the chairs.

We, the studentstook our seats on the chairs. The function was started by the students of eleventh class. They made speeches suited to the occasion. Every part of the programme was about the outgoing class.

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My last day at scool

She did not know that I purchased the Jenaluca set. Jun 08,  · The tears were flowing fast and free at my daughter Emilie’s last-day-of-school party Wednesday morning.

My last day at scool

And it wasn’t just because the kindergartners were hyped-up and over-sugared. Imagine the fear: You have been training in your dojo for many years now, but a weird feeling is slowly creeping up on you, giving you that uncomfortable sensation in the pit of your stomach.

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