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The attempts are applauded especially against the western borrowed style, but the idea of architecture as befitting to the local climate is in question. This paper argues that climatic responsive design could directly be seen as significant architectural language for defining local architecture by research and design. The tropical principle illustrated an accurate prediction of controlling, filtering and responding to outdoor climate.

J appl environ biol sci 3124451

About Related Links 1. This is both because young planetary-mass companions shine brighter and because low-mass stars are less luminous, which loosens the imaging contrast requirements.

J appl environ biol sci 3124451

Finding more young moving group YMG members also has intrinsic interest: As YMG members share common kinematics and span similar age ranges, one can search for overlooked members through a detailed kinematic and photometric analysis of nearby stars.

The Hipparcos mission, combined with multiple radial velocity RV studies e. Assuming that YMG stars follow a typical initial mass function, the vast majority of low-mass members are expected to have gone unnoticed. This led to a number of efforts to extend measurements of proper motion, RV, and parallax to the nearby low-mass dwarfs e.

Proper motion studies beyond the reach of Hipparcos also benefitted greatly from the advent other all-sky surveys e.

In particular, infrared proper motions can now be obtained by correlating the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Wright et al.

These all-sky photometric surveys have now been supplemented by RV measurements coming from various works. These RV studies are key for studying Galactic dynamics. To complete the census of nearby young kinematic group members, kinematics alone is not enough to confirm membership, independent youth indicators are also mandatory to confirm the age of these stars.

Other spectroscopic indicators include the Li abundance Mentuch et al. Stellar rotation and gyrochronology can also be used for constraining the age of an isolated star through a comparison with young stars in open clusters of known ages such as the Hyades, Pleiades, and IC Irwin et al.

To assess the membership of a given star to the known YMGs, a complete description of these groups is essential: Based on such YMG descriptions, any given star candidate member of a YMG can have its observational properties proper motion, RV, absolute magnitude compared against actual observations.

In the present paper, we present the follow-up of the highly candidate members of young kinematic groups identified or re-identified in a previous paper Malo et al.

This analysis has unveiled a large population of potentially new young low-mass stars but those stars cannot be confirmed as bona fide members of their respective association until knowledge of their RV, parallax measurements, and signs of youth are secured. The present work focuses on the radial and projected rotational velocity measurements which were measured through the cross-correlation technique using the infrared and optical domain.

The paper is structured as follows. The sample and the observations are presented in Section 2 and data reduction is presented in Section 3. A presentation of the radial and projected rotational velocity measurements follows in Section 4.

Concluding remarks follow in Section 7. The transformation is and accurate within 0.

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Our initial sample was thus increased to low-mass K5Vā€”M5V stars, 75 of which were previously identified as young stars in the literature. Membership confirmation requires both a parallax and RV measurements consistent with prediction of the analysis.

In all cases, a set of slowly rotating RV standards were observed to calibrate our measurements.Journal of Environmental Sciences is an international peer-reviewed journal established in It is sponsored by the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and it is jointly published by Elsevier and Science Press.

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