How to write a batch file in sql server 2008

Revision History Some of the sample code in this article refers to the Northwind database.

How to write a batch file in sql server 2008

What's this all about? I work as a data analyst in a global professional services firm one you have certainly heard of.

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I have been doing this for about a decade. I have spent that decade dealing with data, database software, database hardware, database users, database programmers and data analysis methods, so I know a fair bit about these things. I frequently come into contact with people who know very little about these things — although some of them don't realise it.

A well-known principle in IT says: This document is my way of automating that conversation. Where I have made claims about MS SQL Server I have done my best to check that they apply to version by consulting Microsoft's own documentation — although, for reasons I will get toI have also had to rely largely on Google, Stack Overflow and the users of the internet.

I know it's not scientifically rigorous to do a comparison like this when I don't have equal experience with both databases, but this is not an academic exercise — it's a real-world comparison. I have done my honest best to get my facts about MS SQL Server right — we all know it is impossible to bullshit the whole internet.

If I find out that I've got something wrong, I'll fix it. I am comparing the two databases from the point of view of a data analyst. Finally, there is an email address at top right.

Do please use it if you wish; I will do my best to respond. This section is a comparison of the two databases in terms of features relevant to data analytics. All RDBMSes can dump data into proprietary formats that nothing else can read, which is fine for backups, replication and the like, but no use at all for migrating data from system X to system Y.


A data analytics platform has to be able to look at data from a wide variety of systems and produce outputs that can be read by a wide variety of systems. In practice, this means that it needs to be able to ingest and excrete CSV quickly, reliably, repeatably and painlessly.

How to succesfully run a batch file in an SQL Agent job? I have SQL Server R2; When I run the script from the cmd manually, it works (under Administrator account). sql-server sql-server-agent jobs. share | improve this question. "Re-writing" the function `MemberQ`. Aug 01,  · To configure the Database Engine to accept remote connections SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand SQL Server Network Configuration, and then click Protocols for. the details pane, right-click one of the available protocols, and then click Properties. A very simple way is to just run your query in query analyzer then click in the results pane and select File->Save as to output the data to a CSV text file. Of course, that won't work in batch:).

Let's not understate this: These commands are fast and robust. When an error occurs, they give helpful error messages. Importantly, they will not silently corrupt, misunderstand or alter data. If PostgreSQL says your import worked, then it worked properly.

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The slightest whiff of a problem and it abandons the import and throws a helpful error message. This may sound fussy or inconvenient, but it is actually an example of a well-established design principle.

Most people don't believe me when I tell them this.May 11,  · How to schedule and automate backups of SQL Server databases in SQL Server Express. Step B: In a text editor, create a batch file that is named, and then copy the text from one of the following examples into that file, (Windows Server R2, Windows Vista).

For SQL Server and lower, see sqlcmd Utility.

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The sqlcmd utility lets you enter Transact-SQL statements, system procedures, and script files through a variety of available modes: Identifies the file that contains a batch of SQL statements or stored procedures. Multiple files may be specified that will be read and processed in order.

Install SQL Server using a configuration file. 09/07/; 5 minutes to read Contributors. all; In this article APPLIES TO: SQL Server (Windows only) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Data Warehouse Parallel Data Warehouse SQL Server Setup provides the ability to generate a configuration file based upon the system default and run-time inputs.

Express Edition , , R2, , , , and An entry-level database product that enables small database maximum size of a database supported is 10 GB. SQL Server Express is offered at no additional cost over the base Microsoft Windows Server instance price on EC2. Automating SQL Server Database Deployments: Scripting Details; Alexander Karmanov.

06 June In the third article, Automating SQL Server Database Deployments: A Worked Example, The file. In our batch file, instead of writing . SQL Server - how to zip backup files and move to remote server.

how to write a batch file in sql server 2008

Ask Question. do database and log backups (definitely use the SQL Server backup compression!!) You can also go old-school and write a batch file to do the compress and copy. Then invoke that as a cmdshell job step, again after your backup job/step.

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