Corporate social responsibility of banking sector

Through CSR programs, philanthropy, and volunteer efforts, businesses can benefit society while boosting their own brands.

Corporate social responsibility of banking sector

There are many big entities who have been actively engaged in the CSR activities but unfortunately the number is relatively less. Turning the CSR from voluntary activities to the mandated responsibilities, also governed by the bundle of regulations as follows: Company includes foreign company with branches or project in India having: Minimum net worth of rupees Crore.

Turnover up to " Crore" having a net profit of at least '5crore'.

Corporate social responsibility of banking sector

The Committee shall consist of minimum 3 three including 1 one Independent Director, however in case of Private Company or the Company, which is not required to appoint Independent Director on board, or Foreign Company the committee can be formulated with 2 two directors.

If Company ceases to fulfill the eligibility criteria for three consecutive years, then the company is not required to comply until the company will meet the eligibility criteria once again.

But an exemption has been given to the Companies that do not satisfy the above threshold for three consecutive years.

Brief on CSR Activities as prescribed under Schedule VII of CA, Objective to efface the daily life segments including poverty, malnutrition and hunger while enhancing the standard of living and promoting the facets of better health care and sanitation.

Initiative to promote the different segments of education including special education and programs to enhance the vocation skills for all ages like children, women, elderly and conducting other livelihood enhancement projects.

Aim to bring the uniformity in respect of different sections of the society to promote gender equality and other facilities for senior citizens and developing hostels for women and orphans and taking initiative for empowering women and lowering inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups.

Elevate the segment of flora and fauna to bring the ecological balance and environmental sustainability in respect of animal welfare, conservation of natural resources and ago forestry while maintaining the quality of air, water and soil.

Enhancement of Craftsmanship while protecting art and culture and measures to restore sites of historical importance and national heritage and promoting the works of art and setting up of public libraries. Steps to bring worthy to the part of war windows, armed force veterans and their departments.

Sports programs and training sessions to enhance the level of rural sports, nationally recognized sports, Paralympic sports and Olympics sports. Favoring to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund and contribution to other fund set up by the central government to promote socio-economic development and welfare of the schedule castes and Schedule Tribes and for supporting backward classes, minorities and women.

SAP Grant Program

To uplift the technology of incubator that's comes under academic institutions and which are approved by the Central Government. Introducing varied projects for Rural Development. The below activities doesn't include under the CSR activities of the Company. Business run in the normal course.

Outside the territory of the India or abroad. For the welfare of the employees and their families. The above CSR activities shall be undertaken by the Company, as per its stated CSR policy, in consonance with the new or ongoing projects excluding activities undertaken in pursuance of its normal course of business.

Net Profit, prescribed expenditure and details of its spending, reason in case of failure etc.We call them our “3Es,” and they are how Americas volunteers bring our global corporate responsibility strategy to life.. Using our experience to create shared value.

Skills-based volunteering strengthens our business and our people. Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate sustainability, sustainable business, corporate conscience, corporate citizenship or responsible business) is a type of international private business self-regulation.

While once it was possible to describe CSR as an internal organisational policy or a corporate ethic strategy, that time has passed as various international laws have.

Bharat Petroleum is among the leading oil and gas companies in India. The organisation aims to provide only the purest oil India by virtue of using its own highly developed refineries.

BharatGas is .

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Mar 25,  · Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a term widely use for defining the responsibilities of Corporate world towards the society & environment.

Although the term is not new in this Corporate world but its scope & meaning has undergone major changes from treating it as a mere charity in comparison.

ICC commissions are specialised working bodies composed of business experts who examine major issues of interest to the business world. They prepare policy products, including statements to contribute to intergovernmental discussions, as well as rules and .

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