Ccot 1450 1750 indian ocean

About the Indian Ocean discovering more about the Indian ocean basin.

Ccot 1450 1750 indian ocean


Early s to Post-Classical: Europe still in Middle Ages. This trade was facilitated by the seasonal northand south-blowing winds. Arabia and Moors in Spain traded with Northern Africa. The bubonic plague followed Muslim trade routes into North Africa.

Southern Africa was mostly self-sufficient, traded with neighbors. Western Africa traded gold with Muslims Berbers Prince Henry the Navigator popularized exploration of Africa in late s when he tried to find a water route to India, figured out that traders could sail around Africa.

Portuguese explorers brought African slaves back to Portugal. Europeans specifically, the Portuguese reached Western Africa around When smallpox epidemic ravaged native populations in the Americas, Europeans turned to African slaves to provide labor.

Africans began to receive weapons, ammunition, metal, liquor, and cloth from Europe in exchange for slaves to be used in the New World. Scramble for Africa began in s.

review test: middle east How did the Ottoman Empire compare with other Islamic empires? It was the first to incorporate parts of Europe into the Muslim world. Teacher Page; APUSH (Day 1 - Pd. A) APUSH (Day 2 - Pd. B) APUSH - Supplemental Resources; US I Honors (Day1 - Pd. B) US I Honors (Day 2 - Pd. Syllabus AP World Regions Map 19 Key Concepts Handout SPICE Chart Mini-Poster AP World History Themes Notes LEQ Rubric Handout Batman vs. Superman Comparative Outline.

Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy colonized almost the entire continent by Gold and diamonds discovered in South Africa in Trade with Europeans centered around gold, slaves, rubber, and ivory. Rubber became extremely popular because of the introduction of pneumatic tires around Europeans exploited and abused native peoples in order to fuel their own economy.

Slavery banned by British in early s, demand dried up by s. Big trading power; traded in Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean. Traded salt, rhino horns, shells, ivory, emeralds, gold. African civilization lasting from s s CE, in what is now western Mali.

Ccot 1450 1750 indian ocean

Economy based on trade, as the Ghana civilization was centered around rivers.Period 4 CCOT and C C essay prompts Page history last edited by John Codega 2 years, 10 months ago. Compare slave systems in TWO of the following regions between and ; Middle East; Analyze changes and continuities in commerce in the Indian Ocean region from - CE.

Examples of Old CCOT Prompts: Analyze the changes and continuities in commerce in the Indian Ocean region from C.E. to C.E. Analyze major changes and continuities in the formation of national identities of ONE of the regions listed below from to present.

From CE to CE the Indian Ocean region continued to be a major CE to CE. Example Thesis: Throughout the period , world religions such as Buddhism, Documentos semelhantes a ccot prompts and thesis statements.

Globalization. Enviado por. Syeda Dilawaiz. Globalization in Historyjojo. CCOT: Indian Ocean trade change: increased imperialism, tributery states and colonization. Types of boats; Muslims started but Europe kinda takes over. What was the Indian Ocean trade system in ?

What were the trade policies of the Muslim Empires in the Indian Ocean? Ottoman Empire taxes, capitulations [The Capitulations were a system of trade agreements which kept the fees paid by foreign importers and exporters to 5%.

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Teacher Page; APUSH (Day 1 - Pd. A) APUSH (Day 2 - Pd. B) APUSH - Supplemental Resources; US I Honors (Day1 - Pd. B) US I Honors (Day 2 - Pd.

Labor Systems: c. - c.